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Roots of Rosemead

At Rosemead we pride ourselves on our unique value system known as the Roots of Rosemead. The Roots of Rosemead are the foundation upon which the academic and pastoral practices are built, and they are split into two main categories: Academic Roots and Pastoral Values.

The Academic Roots of Rosemead focus on developing a love for learning and nurturing the intellectual curiosity of the children. These roots are Curious, Communicators, Creators, Thinkers, and Risk Takers. These values encourage children to explore new ideas, collaborate with their peers, and embrace challenges. These Academic Roots of Rosemead aim to equip children with the necessary skills to succeed in their academic endeavours and inspire their brilliant futures. 

The Pastoral Values of Rosemead are the core principles that guide the social and emotional development of our children. These values are Respectful, Honest, Responsible, Confident, and Kind. They are embedded in every aspect of school life and encourage children to be empathetic, honest, accountable, confident, and self-aware individuals. The Pastoral Values of Rosemead aim to create a supportive environment that fosters positive relationships and encourages personal growth.

The Roots of Rosemead are the driving force behind the school's philosophy and approach to education. They are designed to create a well-rounded learning experience that goes beyond academic excellence and fosters the development of the whole child. Rosemead's commitment to its values sets it apart as a unique and highly regarded school that values the growth and development of its children above all else.

Pre-Prep Roots of Rosemead

The Pre-Prep values mirror those at the Prep, but by linking each value with an animal allows us to introduce them in an age-appropriate way. Each week we focus on one value which is introduced in Monday's assembly. We begin with an activity demonstrating the value, and this is followed by a discussion which unpicks the meaning of the value and how a child can demonstrate the value in their learning, play and at home. The balance of pastoral and academic values ensures that we provide the children with the necessary skills to enhance all aspects of their learning.

We are a forward thinking, ambitious, co-ed school that delivers a high quality values based education. We deliver an outstanding education that finds the unique qualities of each child. We embrace sport, art, drama and music without compromising on our academic standards.