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Rosemead Preparatory School

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Occasional Places

Year 4 to 6

We do have occasional vacancies in these year groups.

Registration process

Typically, parents will visit the school either during an Open Morning or a Show Round. The next procedure is to fill in an Application for Admission form and submit it to the school with the £150 registration fee. This can be done via the Admissions section of the school website. All children entering Years 4 - 6 at Rosemead will need to complete a selection assessment and the Admissions Registrar will make arrangements for this. 

Dates and timing of assessment

Dates for assessment are made at mutually convenient times. Assessment sessions are usually just for a morning, when the child will be able to spend some time in the classroom of the year group they are looking to join, which includes joining us for lunch.



What do the children need to bring?

All stationery required will be provided by Rosemead. If your child has any specific medication, please bring this with you on the day. Children will need their coats for outdoor play.

What will happen during the morning?

Upon arrival, you will be met by the Admissions Registrar. The Head will welcome you and your child, and parents are then asked to leave the children and return at the end of the morning session.

The children will be assessed in English including reading for comprehension and a writing task. They will also be assessed in Mathematics, looking at numbers, shape, space and measures. The topics covered are the appropriate level for their age. You do not need to prepare your child in any way for the assessment.

Some time will be spent speaking with the children before the assessment begins. Throughout the assessment, the children will be given a number of short breaks in addition to one longer playtime break where they will receive refreshments. We aim to keep the time as relaxed as possible for the children and they will be given time to browse through books and draw.

Offer date

Offer letters will be posted within a week of the assessment.

Offer reply date

The offer reply deadline is within two weeks of the place offer date.

Waiting list places

You will be informed if your child is on a waiting list and we will let you know as soon as possible if a place becomes available.