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George Webster Visits Rosemead


George Webster Visits Rosemead
Andrew Soong

George Webster, celebrated CBeebies personality, BAFTA winner, and accomplished author, made a special appearance at Rosemead during World Down Syndrome Day, observed annually on March 21st. World Down Syndrome Day is a global event raising awareness and celebrating the unique abilities of individuals with Down syndrome. This year's visit coincided perfectly with the spirit of the day.

Accompanied by his talented co-author, Claire Taylor, and skilled illustrator, Tim Budgens, he conducted an exceptional workshop for our children who were privileged to attend an exclusive reading of George's newest book, 'Why Not?'. As part of the workshop they also enthusiastically learned Makaton sign language and delved into the world of illustration, creating their own imaginative artwork. The experience ignited a spark of excitement and creative inspiration within the children, leaving a lasting impression and making it a remarkably successful event for everyone involved.

His latest book, titled 'Why Not?', encapsulates the uplifting message he shared with the children. It champions a spirit of boundless curiosity and possibility, encouraging children to fearlessly embrace new experiences. The book serves as a powerful reminder that they should never let perceived limitations dictate their potential.