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Rosemead Charities

At Rosemead Preparatory School, we believe that caring and thinking of others is something we should all do. We recognise the importance of children being charitable and developing their philanthropic skills. 

Through Rosemead School Council and with the help of their teachers, the children actively reach out to others by raising funds for numerous charities. Each year group has the opportunity to spend the academic year raising funds for a charity chosen by them. 

A range of local and world wide charities have been supported, including: Age UK, Ruby's Live Loudly Live Kindly Fund, Sydenham Garden, The Walcot Foundation, The Rainforest Trust UK, Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital and the RSPCA.

Fundraisers have included activities such as sponsored runs, dances, silences, selling sweet treats and recipe books. Other highlights include themed days, parental participation in online quizzes run by the children and their teachers and silent auctions. 

Understanding how charities work and the part we can all play to make the world a better place is at the heart of Rosemead’s philosophy. We nurture the citizens of the future to show care and compassion.

The children’s chosen charities for 2023-24 are listed below. Click on a link to find out more.

Pre-Prep: Positive about Down syndrome

Year 3: Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital

Year 4: Diabetes UK

Year 5: Magic Breakfast

Year 6: Barnado's