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Pre-Prep Pastoral Care

We place high importance on ensuring that every child at Rosemead feels valued, happy and secure. We offer the children a supportive and nurturing environment that enables each child to thrive. We get to know every child as an individual, and our dedicated team of staff ensure their physical and emotional needs are met. 

The pastoral care of our children is valued equally alongside the academics. This is reflected in our 'Roots of Rosemead' values system where five out of the ten values have a pastoral focus.  At the Pre-Prep we work on being:

  • Respectful Robins
  • Responsible Rhinos
  • Kind Koalas
  • Honest Otters
  • Confident Cats

Each week we focus on one of the values, which is introduced in an assembly. This assembly is interactive and an opportunity to unpick the meaning of the value, and how the children can demonstrate this in their learning. Over the week, children earn stickers when they have impressed a member of staff, and then on Friday in our weekly 'Celebration Assembly', certificates linked to the value are presented. A host of other achievements are also celebrated at this time, such as, Lunchtime Superstar, Secret Musician of the Week, Sports Superstar and Birthdays.