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Rosemead Preparatory School

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Transition to Senior School

At Rosemead Preparatory School, we place great emphasis on preparing our children for the transition to senior school. The process is graduated, starting when the children join the school and building up over the years until the 11+ process in Year 6. Parents are kept informed and involved through a series of talks, shared assessment data and presentations starting in Year 4, which help them understand the process and make informed decisions about their child's future.

One key aspect of the transition process at Rosemead is the Senior School Fair, which takes place in Year 4 and 5. At this event, Heads of local independent senior schools present to parents, providing valuable insights into the process for their particular school. This allows parents to make informed choices about which schools to consider for their child.

Rosemead has a particularly strong relationship with St Dunstan's College, and the transition process for eligible children ends with potential offers at the end of Year 5. This is earlier than the traditional Year 6 11+ timeline, giving students more time to adjust to the idea of moving to a new school.


The success of Rosemead's approach is reflected in its outstanding results each year, with an average of over 150 offers from senior schools per year, and over 40 scholarships. This is testament to the school's commitment to providing its children with the best possible start to their secondary education, and to preparing them for success in the next stage of their academic journey.

Leavers' Destinations 2022/2023

It gives us great pleasure to announce the final offers from this year’s 11+ Senior School Entrance results. We are extremely proud to say that our Year 6 pupils have once again excelled with 140 offers and have gained places at some of the area’s most prestigious schools.

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Number of Offers


Scholarship Offers


11+ Entrance Assessment Results 2023

Rosemead’s nurturing environment and pursuit of excellence is evident in these fantastic results. No other school could have achieved so much in such a balanced and positive manner. At rosemead, the 11+ is something to be celebrated amongst children, parents and teachers.
- Year 6 Parent