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Rosemead Preparatory School

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Prep Co-curricular Programme

To inspire brilliant futures Rosemead’s Co-Curricular Programme offers a breath of activities to spark the children’s imagination, talents, and vest for learning. From the early morning runners through to the artists adding their final touches of paint late afternoon, there is something for everyone.

The younger children enjoy developing stories and Lego building, whilst the older ones learn the skills of debating and public speaking. Our Sports Department offers a full range of sport, catering for all levels and abilities including training for competitive fixtures, both locally and nationally. Those musically minded have the opportunity to join our many music groups, such as String or Brass group and orchestra; freedom of expression is explored in Electric Fusion and Jazz Improvisation groups.

We have a Pre-Prep Ukulele Band, and our choirs sing at numerous events in school, in the local community and nationally. STEAM clubs are firm Rosemead favourites. The children rise to a domino challenge, equally to pit their wits in national team events.

One of the key benefits of co-curricular clubs is that they allow children to pursue their interests and passions outside of the classroom. This can help to foster a sense of curiosity and excitement about learning, which can in turn improve their motivation and engagement in their school work.

All Rosemead children are encouraged to try something new or find a potential hobby; that might be learning magic or how to cook; joining the knitting circle, trying out origami or being a valued Eco Team member. From Augmented Reality to Zumba, children find plenty to inspire their curious minds.