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Rosemead Preparatory School

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Prep Pastoral Care

The children are central to all aspects Rosemead life, and this ensures that we live up to our motto: inspiring brilliant futures. Children’s happiness is essential for them to realise their potential and thereby, achieve academic success.

Pastoral care is the responsibility of all staff members. Our small class sizes enable both form teacher and child to quickly get to know one another. Within our House system children mix across the year groups and form a strong House bond. The Heads of House are key to developing a sense belonging and a friendly face outside the classroom. They organise House events and competitions and are available for ‘a chat’ at lunchtime drop-ins.

Our ‘open door’ policy is there for all children and their families to discuss any concerns, large or small. Rosemead school counsellor works across Pre-Prep and Prep, sometimes with whole classes or groups and offers one to one support for children and families as required. Children are taught how to look after their wellbeing and to look out for others too.

To make successful and happy citizens, children learn about Rosemead’s pastoral values and strive to be: kind, confident, honest, respectful and responsible; these go hand in hand with our academic values of being: communicators, creators, curious, risk-takers and thinkers. To make a difference in the world children develop a strong sense of respect, duty towards others and compassion for the environment.

House System

The school's House system is an important feature of pastoral care at Rosemead. Each child is assigned to one of four Houses, which creates a sense of community whilst encouraging friendly competition. House captains from Prep and Pre-Prep are guided by their Heads of House to ensure that all children participate in a variety of house events. Heads of House are central to the role of pastoral. They are visible around school, especially on the playground for conversations and to encourage creative play.


Wellbeing is a vital component of our curriculum and is delivered through PSHE Education, but at Rosemead we go further. We believe in nurturing good mental health for our children, which is why great emphasis is placed on looking at the individual outside of the classroom too and all staff at Rosemead have a part in this. An important aspect of this is the on-site counsellor, who can provide confidential support to children as required. This service is available to support all Rosemead children and their parents.

School Council

Every child has a voice, and this is developed through Rosemead School Council. Led by children from Year 6, all children have the opportunity to be represented and have a part in shaping Rosemead and the wider community for the benefit of others. The children take on projects such as, encouraging more cycling and walking to school, looking at ways to reduce the use of plastic by engaging with school suppliers and writing to parliament and reducing food waste at Rosemead. More recently, they worked on a project to develop a greater variety of playtime opportunities. This included creating a team of Friendly Rosemead Helpers who look out for one another.

Buddy System

Rosemead children care for one another, and our Buddy system ensures no one is forgotten. All Year 3 children are buddied up with Year 6s, which provides an opportunity for older children to take on a caring role and younger children to feel supported and valued. Children joining at different stages of the year will also be given a buddy to be a friendly face whenever needed.